Cosmetic Orbital Decompression

What is cosmetic orbital decompression?

Cosmetic orbital decompression is an elegant treatment for patients who feel they have prominent eyes due to genetics or facial structure. The goal of cosmetic orbital decompression is to reduce the appearance of bulging, or reduce the amount of “white” seen around the eyes. Dr. Ramesh requests that patients bring old photographs of their face, as well as photographs of family members with an eye appearance that they like. As a cosmetic surgery, the outcome is adjusted to what each patient desires.

cosmetic orbital decompression

cosmetic orbital


orbital decompression and double vision
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negative and positive vector eyelid and maxilla

Who is a candidate for cosmetic orbital decompression?

Patients are candidates if they feel their eyes are bulging or they see too much white around their eyes. This can happen in several circumstances. Some patients are genetically predisposed to having prominent eyes.


Patients who are extremely nearsighted have larger eyeballs that appear more prominent. Finally, patients who have recessed cheekbones (as in the figure) may also have an appearance of bulging eyes.

What are adjunctive or alternative treatments?

Cosmetic orbital decompression can be combined with other surgeries to refine the facial appearance. Patients with prominent eyebrows can have eyebrow sculpting to reduce dark shadows above the eyes. Patients with shallow cheekbones can have facial fat transfer or fillers to build the cheekbones and mask the appearance of the prominent eye. Patients may also choose to have cheek or chin implants placed to provide bony support for the facial skeleton. Finally, buccal (cheek) fat reduction or Botox can help reduce volume in the jaws and lower face, to provide a more aesthetically pleasing contour.

cheek implants

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cheek implants


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