Oculoplastic Surgery
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What is oculoplastic surgery?

As a central part of the face, the area around your eyes play an important role in your attractiveness and how others perceive you. Dr. Deepak Ramesh, your oculoplastic surgeon in New Jersey, provides many types of oculoplastic surgeries that help to correct certain types of medical conditions or cosmetic issues.

Here are a few of the most commonly performed types of oculoplastic surgery:

Orbital Decompression

Orbital decompression is a type of surgery for the treatment of thyroid eye disease, medically known as Graves’s orbitopathy, and bulging eyes, medically known as proptosis. Dr. Ramesh performs this type of surgery with an innovative trans-eyelid technique that results in no scars.

Dr. Ramesh shifts the eyeball back within its socket using a technique that minimizes the chances of the patient developing double vision or other complications linked to conventional surgeries. A patient may choose to complement the results of orbital decompression with other procedures, like eyelid lifts or facial fat injections.

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

You may choose to have eyelid surgery performed on your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both of them simultaneously. The skin found around the eyes is delicate and somewhat thinner than that found on the rest of the face. As a result, this area is often the first place where you will notice facial aging. This is normally seen as skin that loses elasticity and develops noticeable wrinkles.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery is helpful in correcting drooping eyelid skin that can make you appear older or even have a negative effect on your vision. Some patients even find that their insurance plans cover upper eyelid procedures that are considered to be functional and performed to improve one’s vision.

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Face and Neck Lift

Reconstructive Eye Surgery

Issues related to the eyes, such as eye socket fractures and eyelid tumors, can be corrected with eye reconstruction.

Skin cancer of the eyelids can develop due to a combination of UV sunlight exposure and genetics. After the removal of these cancers, eye reconstruction can help improve the look and functionality of the eyes.

Dr. Ramesh, your oculoplastic surgeon in New Jersey, performs eye socket reconstruction for the repair and treatment of tumors, infections, and trauma of the eye socket. The procedure can also be employed for supporting an ocular prosthesis.

Orbital (Eye Socket) Surgery

Eye socket surgery can be used for the restoration of function, rehabilitating the bone and soft tissues found around the eye, including the socket and eyelids. This type of surgery is commonly performed following some form of trauma or injury, scarring, or defects in the area of the eyes caused by an accident or disease.

Dr. Ramesh may use a variety of techniques to restore proper function to remaining eye structures so that a prosthetic eye can be placed. Some possible techniques that can be employed include fat grafts or implants, upper eyelid ptosis surgery and eyelid tightening.

The goal of reconstructive eye surgery is to restore normal eye function, preserve vision, and correct any problems with the eyelids.

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