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Orbital Decompression
New Jersey


Are You Tired of How Your Eyes Look and Feel?
Is It Hard to Recognize Yourself in the Mirror?

Dr. Ramesh performing orbital decompression in New Jersey

Orbital decompression.

Dr. Ramesh can help people with following eye complaints:

  • DRY
  • RED

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Orbital Decompression Surgeries

What is orbital decompression?

Orbital decompression in New Jersey is a surgical procedure designed to reduce prominence of the eyes.

Surgery is safe and predictable, and can be tailored to the patient’s specific requests. Incisions, when necessary, are hidden in natural eyelid folds or inside the eyelid so that there are no visible scars. Dr. Ramesh performs orbital decompression at an outpatient surgery center, so that patients can rest and recover in their own home after surgery.

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an eye being before orbital decompression in New Jersey

Proptosis in a TED patient.

Who is a candidate for orbital decompression?

Patients with prominent eyes due to thyroid eye disease are eligible for orbital decompression in New Jersey, which can be covered by health insurance. Patients with naturally prominent eyes, who do not like the appearance but have no medical issues, are eligible for cosmetic orbital decompression.

What is Dr. Ramesh's experience?

Dr. Ramesh has performed hundreds of orbital decompressions and is one of the most experienced surgeons in the United States for this procedure. He has published multiple scientific publications on orbital decompression and is a highly sought-after national and international speaker on this topic.

Most importantly, Dr. Ramesh has refined and published his own modification of the surgery that provides better results with a significantly decreased risk of complications (<1%). By avoiding traditional techniques that destroy the sinuses and are prone to both early and late complications of double vision, sinusitis, and infections, Dr. Ramesh’s advanced techniques allow for a more predictable and durable outcome after surgery.

Dr. Ramesh talking on orbital decompression in New Jersey

Dr. Ramesh speaking about TED at a national conference.

Dr. Ramesh performing orbital decompression in New Jersey

Dr. Ramesh hard at work at his passion, orbital decompression.

Before & After

before and after from our oculoplastic surgeon New Jersey
before and after orbital decompression in New Jersey
before and after orbital decompression in New Jersey

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