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Fat Transfer Revision
New Jersey

Fat transfer revision at the Center for Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery addresses issues from previous fat grafting procedures. Dr. Ramesh, a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, uses advanced techniques to correct uneven or unnatural results, ensuring a more balanced and natural appearance. Explore your options for fat transfer correction today.

What is fat transfer or fat grafting?

Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, involves harvesting fat from one part of the body, purifying it, and injecting it into another area to enhance volume and contour. This procedure is commonly used for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, and body contouring. It utilizes the patient’s own fat, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and providing natural-looking results. However, fat transfer complications can occur, such as necrosis and unwanted results, which may necessitate facial fat transfer correction.

Possible fat transfer complications:

  • Asymmetry and Irregularities: One common complication of fat transfer is asymmetry, where the transferred fat does not settle evenly, leading to uneven contours. Irregularities can occur due to improper injection techniques or uneven fat distribution. This can result in a lumpy or unnatural appearance, necessitating correction to achieve a more balanced look.
  • Infection and Inflammation: Infections and inflammation can occur if the fat transfer procedure is not performed under sterile conditions or if postoperative care is inadequate. Symptoms may include redness, swelling, and pain at the injection site. In severe cases, antibiotics or additional surgeries may be required to address these complications.
  • Fat Transfer Necrosis: Fat transfer necrosis is a serious complication where the transferred fat cells die due to insufficient blood supply. This can result in hard lumps under the skin, pain, and changes in skin texture. Fat necrosis may require surgical removal of the affected fat to restore a natural appearance and alleviate discomfort.

What is fat transfer revision?

Fat transfer revision is a corrective procedure to address complications from previous fat grafting, such as lumps, bumps, and contour irregularities. This involves removing excess or misallocated fat and refining the contours through precise facial liposculpture.

Dr. Ramesh uses advanced, strategic techniques to achieve a smoother, more natural appearance. Fat transfer correction ensures that the results are balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Fat transfer revision treats:

  • Lumps and bumps
  • Uneven facial contours
  • Asymmetry in facial features
  • Excess fat deposits
  • Fat necrosis
  • Contour irregularities
  • Unnatural appearances

Elements of fat transfer correction…

Removal of lumps, bumps, and contour irregularities
Post-fat transfer complications like lumps, bumps, and contour irregularities can occur due to improper fat placement or uneven fat distribution. Correction procedures involve removing these irregularities through micro-liposuction. This smooths the affected areas, creating a more even and natural-looking contour, and helps patients achieve the desired results.

Facial liposculpture techniques
Achieving optimal results in fat transfer requires precise facial liposculpture techniques. This involves carefully sculpting the face by strategically placing fat to enhance symmetry and natural contours. Proper technique minimizes the risk of complications and ensures the transferred fat integrates smoothly with the existing facial structure, providing a balanced outcome.

Fat transfer reversal
In cases where the fat transfer results are unsatisfactory, a reversal may be necessary. Fat transfer reversal involves the removal of previously injected fat to correct issues like overfilling, asymmetry, or unnatural appearance. This procedure can help restore a more natural look and correct the aesthetic imbalances caused by the initial fat grafting.

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The Center for Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your facial and ocular needs. Dr. Deepak Ramesh, a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, offers personalized treatments to achieve natural and balanced results. Whether you need cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, Dr. Ramesh’s expertise ensures the best possible outcome. If you’re dissatisfied with the results of your fat transfer surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ramesh to explore your options for fat transfer correction.

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