What is Tepezza?

Patient with active, inflammatory TED.

Who is a candidate for Tepezza?

Currently, patients who have active thyroid eye disease and meet specific clinical criteria (clinical activity score >4) are a candidate for the drug. Tepezza may work better the earlier you start the drug, so do not delay getting a formal evaluation!

What are common side effects?

Tepezza is not for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis). The most common side effects included high blood sugar, muscle spasm, tinnitus (ringing ears), and gastrointestinal upset.

What is Dr. Ramesh's experience with Tepezza?

Dr. Ramesh was involved in the initial research for this medication prior to FDA approval, both in this time at UCLA as well as in his private practice at Wills Eye Hospital, and has extensive experience in treating patients with this drug both locally and in collaboration with other physicians for patients who travel from a distance.

Dr. Ramesh was also selected as one of the world experts in administration and treatment of thyroid eye disease with Tepezza by Horizon Therapeutics, the pharmaceutical company who manufactures Tepezza. In this role, Dr. Ramesh educates surgeons, endocrinologists, and primary eye care providers in the early diagnosis and state-of-the-art management of thyroid eye disease.

Before & After

Before and after medical treatment alone for TED.

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