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Face & Neck Lift

The face is the most identifiable part of a person, and unfortunately is particularly susceptible to the aging process. This is evident in the development of jowls, folds and creases across the face, and banding along the neck that leads to a tired, sad, or worried look. To reverse these we provide the best facelift in New Jersey.

before and after photo of facelift in New Jersey
before and after facelift in New Jersey

What are my options?

What are the types of face and neck lifts?

Full Facelift

A full facelift, or deep-plane facelift, reverses age-related changes on the midface, cheeks, jawline, and neck by lifting the underlying muscles and fat of the face without stretching the skin unnaturally. Dr. Ramesh makes strategic incisions around the ears and along the hairline to trim away excess skin, remove unwanted fat tissues, and lift and tighten the underlying SMAS layer, which connects the muscles in the face. As such, a full facelift makes your skin look smoother, tighter, and younger, rolling back the clock by a decade or more.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is a modified version of the traditional deep-plane facelift, suitable for patients with early signs of aging or those desiring a minimal recovery period. This procedure also lifts and trims away excess skin and fat tissues, focusing primarily on the mid-face and lower face regions without including the lower neck. The surgeon makes artfully concealed incisions around the ear to lift the sagging facial muscles and fat and trim excess skin. With this technique, the patient can be ready for social events much faster after their facelift in New Jersey.

Endoscopic Facelift

An endoscopic facelift is an advanced surgical technique that allows surgeons to perform the facelift without major incisions and extended recovery periods. The surgeon makes three extremely small incisions along the hairline. One of the incisions serves as an entry point for an endoscope, a special device with lights that allows the surgeon to work under the patient’s skin without larger incisions. Using the endoscope, the surgeon can tighten the forehead and sculpt the muscles between the brows, reducing forehead lines and frown lines.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure wherein Dr. Ramesh removes excess skin and unwanted fat pockets from the neck and tightens the underlying muscles. He makes small incisions behind the ears and under the chin to trim away excess skin and repair the underlying muscles. This neck lift is also in the deep plane, providing long-lasting results without unnatural stretching of the skin. This restores the upper neck and jawline, taking years off your face. A neck lift is suitable for patients with excessive neck bands and droopy skin tissues under the chin, also known as a “turkey wattle.”

What is recovery like?

A facelift in New Jersey takes between 3 – 5 hours, and patients can go home afterwards with a dressing over their face. Typically, we do not use drains. Usually, patients have bruising and swelling around the eyes for 1 – 2 weeks, with swelling in the face for up to 1 month. Pain is minimal and controlled with oral medication. Most patients are ready for social events in 3-4 weeks, and “wedding-ready” by 3 months. Strenuous activities must be limited for 2 weeks, and patients may return to normal exercise and other activities after 14 days.

woman after facelift in New Jersey

Will I be asleep for surgery?

We are typically able to perform these delicate surgeries under IV sedation, or twilight anesthesia. This avoids the risks of general anesthesia and being put to sleep completely, while still preventing you from feeling any pain during your facelift.

What can I expect afterwards?

No matter the approach, our goal is for you to have an aesthetically pleasing and natural result, without any appearance of having had a facelift in New Jersey. Incisions after surgery heal in hidden areas without scarring. Complications after surgery are rare, and patients are typically very satisfied and happy after the surgery. Most patients report increased confidence and self-esteem as they feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle their day.

Why choose Dr. Ramesh?

Dr. Ramesh is a nationally-recognized oculoplastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. He’s also a Fellow of the AAFPRS and an active member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASOPRS), a society consisting of the country’s leading cosmetic surgeons of the eyelids and face. Dr. Ramesh discusses your unique goals and performs the least invasive surgical techniques possible. For more information, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Ramesh today.

before and after facelift in New Jersey

Before & After

before and after photo of facelift in New Jersey
before and after facelift in New Jersey
before and after facelift in New Jersey

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