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Eyelid Bag Surgery


Are you tired of seeing bags under your eyelids?

Dr. Ramesh can help people with the following eye complaints:


What is eyelid bag surgery?

Eyelid bag surgery, also known as lower eyelid surgery, is a procedure wherein excess sagging skin is removed from the lower eyelids. The surgeon makes strategic incisions within the lower eyelid to remove unwanted skin tissues and excess fat, thereby tightening and smoothing the lower eyelids. The surgery may also include techniques to fill in hollows and facilitate a smooth transition from the lower eyelids to the cheeks. Each surgery is individually curated according to your unique goals and requirements.

What causes eyelid bags?

Herniated Fat

The lower eyelid is full of fat that normally surrounds the eyeball and acts as a “shock absorber”. As people age, the tissues that hold this fat behind the eyeball stretch out, allowing this fat to descend downwards and appear as a “bag”.

Extra Skin

As you blink hundreds of times per day over years, the repeated stretching force on the skin, combined with sun damage, causes thinning and stretching of the skin. This skin can appear wrinkly, or like “crepe-paper”.

Shadows and Hollowing

The border between the eyelid and the cheek is formed by a ligament called the “orbital retaining ligament”. As people age, this ligament stretches and the cheek descends. When the cheek fat drops lower, it exposes the underlying bony orbital rim and creates a dark circle over this bone.

How are eyelid bags treated?


In younger patients (less than age 40), the tissues have typically not stretched so much that patients need surgery to get aesthetic improvement. In these cases, treatment with lower eyelid filler can hide early hollowness and smoothen the eyelid-cheek contours.


In older patients, or younger patients with genetic eyelid bags, surgery can be the safest and best way at permanently treating the eyelid bags. A surgical plan is customized to each patient based on their skin type, skin quality, amount of eyelid and cheek fat, laxity and descent of tissues, recovery time, and facial structure. Options include scarless surgery, chemical peel or laser resurfacing, fat transfer from the abdomen, and adjunctive procedures including brow lifting, face and neck lifting, or facial implant placement.

What is recovery from eyelid surgery like?

It’s natural for swelling and bruising to occur whenever incisions are made anywhere on the body. As such, all surgeries involve mild swelling and bruising around the incision sites for a few days, including eyelid surgeries. After the surgery, your eyelids will seem swollen and red for a few days, which you can minimize with cold compresses. During this period, you must sleep on your back with your head elevated.

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before and after eyelid surgery in New Jersey
before and after eyelid surgery in New Jersey

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