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Thyroid Eye Disease


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    Thyroid Eye Disease

    Thyroid disease can be life-altering when it affects the eyes, as it typically becomes active at the age when patients are getting married, advancing in their career, and planning their life goals. This disfiguring and debilitating condition needs close follow-up and expert treatment by an experienced orbital specialist to ensure an optimal outcome. Our goal is to help you achieve the function and cosmetic appearance you had before the onset of disease.

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    How do I know if I have thyroid eye disease?

    Thyroid eye disease can present even before thyroid abnormalities show in your bloodwork. It can affect eye muscles, soft tissue, or eyelids most commonly. Typical symptoms include bulging eyes, double vision, dry eye, pain behind the eyes, swelling and puffiness around the eyelids and eyebrow, and in extreme cases, vision loss. If you have any of these symptoms, you should be evaluated promptly to determine if thyroid eye disease is the cause of your condition. A thorough history and clinical examination, along with bloodwork or a CT scan, is helpful in making the diagnosis. Most patients develop TED within 12 months of diagnosis of their systemic thyroid illness.

    What are the available treatments?

    Surgery must be customized to your condition, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. We will carefully listen to your concerns, and together, you will design a plan to address your particular problems. We also encourage you to bring old photos, to understand your facial structure before the thyroid eye disease started.

    What is orbital decompression?

    What can I expect afterwards?

    Our goal is for you to regain the appearance and function you had before the onset of thyroid disease, as much as possible. Having cared for many patients with this condition, Dr. Ramesh looks forward to using his extensive experience to help you through this challenging time and onwards to your future.

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