Eyelid & Eye Muscle Surgery

strabismus surgery for double vision after thyroid eye disease

Who needs eyelid or eye muscle surgery?

Eyelid and eye muscle changes are common in thyroid eye disease, and can lead to dry eye, double vision, or an unacceptable cosmetic appearance. Patients who have stable thyroid eye disease are candidates for these surgeries.


before and after surgery

for double vision

eyelid retraction surgery for thyroid eye disease

before and after

eyelid retraction surgery

Can this be combined with orbital decompression?

In select cases, Dr. Ramesh combines eyelid surgery with orbital decompression. However, Dr. Ramesh feels the most predictable results are found when eyelid or cosmetic surgery is performed after patients have healed completely from the orbital decompression.

How are these surgeries performed?

Eyelid and eye muscle surgeries can be performed under local anesthetic with intravenous sedation. Incisions are typically hidden inside the eyelid or in the natural folds so that there is no visible scar.

decompression and eyelid retraction repair for thyroid eye disease with Dr. Deepak Ramesh
does insurance cover eyelid surgery

Does insurance cover these surgeries?

Insurance can cover medical eyelid and eye muscle surgery. Certain eyelid surgeries may be considered cosmetic. Please contact our office to see if medical insurance would cover surgery in your case.


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