Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Sun damage can cause not only unsightly blemishes and wrinkles, but in many cases, skin cancer. Skin cancer in the eyelids, face, or neck is typically one of three types – basal cell, squamous cell, or melanoma. Of the three, basal cell skin cancer is most common and has the highest chance of successful treatment, while melanoma can be the most dangerous.

The only sure way to know if a blemish or bump is cancerous, is to perform a biopsy, where we will take a very tiny sample and examine it under the microscope to check for cancerous cells.

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Surgeons in Operating Room

How is surgery performed?

Depending on the size of the cancer, we may work alone or in conjunction with a dermatologist to remove all the cancerous tissue. Once this has been removed, we will reconstruct the area with great care to make it look like you never had surgery. Surgery is performed under twilight anesthesia. Patients can have bruising and swelling around the area for 1-2 weeks, with minimal pain. Patients are typically ready for formal social functions within 6 weeks.


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